The Tuffest Rhino’s on the chain!


Wild Rhino's is a collection of 10,000 unique hand drawn Wild Rhino NFTs living on the blockchain. Your Wild Rhino acts as a access pass, and grants access to members-only benefits, the first of which is access to giveaways, future areas and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activations, check it out on the bottom of this page!

Rarity of a Wild Rhino.

In total there are 10000 Wild Rhino's, 8000 of these have normal skin and 2000 are special species categorized from common to rare. Every single Wild Rhino will be unique. Down below is an overview displaying the rarity of each tier of rarity. All Wild Rhinos have metadata, smart contracts and are hosted on IPFS.



Fair minting period.

The minting price of every single Wild Rhino will cost 25 MATIC pre-sale! despite the rarity, which has been shown above. All Wild-Rhino's are available on opensea!

Stake and Earn.

Look at the art is it not awesome? And you will actually be able to earn with these Wild-Rhino's via our stake and earn page. The more you stake the more you earn! Don't forget to check out our roadmap, lots of awesome thing coming your way like: Giveaways, Treasure hunts and even a Play-2-earn game!

Meet the Team.

The roadmap

#1. We will release a huge giveaway for the top 3 biggest holders of our NFT's.
#2. We will activate our DAO system.
#3. We will open our Merch store.
#4. We will activate our Charity wallet. (DAO system will decide which charity willl be chosen).
#5. The treasure hunt, whoever solves the mystery first will win 1 Wild Rhino + 1500 MATIC.
#6. Airdrop incoming to al Holders!
#6. The Play-2-earn game Utility process will start.
#7. Whoever minted the most Rhinos will win $20,000.
#8. Wild-Rhino's drop II incoming!

Frequently Asked Questions.

NFT stands for “Non-fungible token” and is a cool way of describing a truly unique digital item that YOU can buy, own, and trade.

Our Wild-Rhino’s will be mintable via our minting page which can be found at the top right of this website. Follow this link and you will be able mint a Wild-rhino, connect with metamask and the Polygon network for the rest let the blockchain do it’s magic!

The minting of the NFTs will take place on the Polygon Network and only show the initial price in Ethereum equivalence. By being on Polygon there is less gas fees.

Our pre-sale will start at 25 MATIC, after the pre-sale has ended (1-jan-2023) we will rise the price on the minting page to 50 MATIC.

First of all just look at the art is it just awesome? And on the second hand, you will actually be able to earn with these Wild-Rhino’s via our stake and earn page. The more you have the more you earn!

You can buy a maximum of 25 Rhino’s per transaction. This will be for each favor at time of their sale.

After all the NFT have been minted the Wild-rhino’s will be revealed on Opensea, you can use Opensea as the platfrom to sell, trade and own your NFT.

When we are at this milestone we will announce our huge giveaway, most likely these will be physical products and we will update our community on our Instagram, so please follow us so you won’t miss an update!
Wild Rhinos

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